Optimizing the quality of one’s sex life after prostate cancer therapy

17 Nov

Wish I had access to all of this information 10 years ago. Particularly, about using a vacuum device as a recovery technique. Had I started that earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have needed an implant. However it works well.
Communication essential, invaluable. Honesty necessary.


There’s an interesting article on the Medscape web site this month on the subject of sexual health after prostate cancer.

This relatively short article (by Kate O’Rourke) gets into the details about what men and their partners really need to be doing if they want to optimize the quality of their sex lives after a man has been treated for prostate cancer. In particular, it focuses on the fact that something like 75 percent of patients have unresolved sexual problems 5 years after diagnosis and that there are a lot of things that can be done to help with this … if the patient and/or his partner are willing and able to talk about the issue.

The ability to discuss the problem may, however, be one of the critical defining issues. The quality of a couple’s sex life is rarely defined just by the ability of the man to have…

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